transportation company in iran

transportation company in iran

Nowadays, the international transport is one of the most lucrative and efficient businesses in the world. The clients deliver their shipments to them based on mutual trust to ship their shipments anywhere. These days connection between ports around the world has made easily through international shipping companies.

The competitive /workable price, high security, convenient transportation and delivery with no delay are the advantages of an international shipping company can be provided to customers.

Also, the International transportation companies in Iran provide services with reasonable prices to the clients.

The definition of international transportation

Literally means removing the shipment and transport to another place .Generally in Persian means transporting humans and any product whether solid, liquid, gas and even waves. The root of this word has derived from the Latin root “Trance” means from one place to another place and “Portage” means to carry out.

Transportation of goods in accordance with basis regulations and operation of international goods means Handling and transport goods from one place to somewhere in a country to another country by taking regulations in each country.

International transportation history in the world

The dating of transportation backs to human dating. The most important international shipping routes was “the Silk Route” which was the oldest route and commodity exchange between Europe, Middle East and East Asia, China and India around 12 thousand kilometers . The route was created in the second century BC to the sixteenth century almost 1800 years. Since the late 14th century this path lost their importance to the development of road, maritime transport and the industrial revolution and the use of merchant ships and it lasted until the early 20th century.

From this date onwards the rail transportation played part of the role. Until the last decades of the twentieth century with the development and commercialization of complete cargo and transport operations road, overland trade and transportation industry was revolutionized again. The 80s can be a milestone in the shipping industry and inland trade considered that the development of trade became Asia - Europe International Shipping.

 international transportation history in the world

International transportation history in Iran

In Iran, three types of transportation such as sea, air, land are used. Since aviation transportation has its own regulations but not very extensive. Hence, we talk about sea and land transport. Transportation has not a very long history in our country. Since “the Qajar Dynasty” in Iran was common between the towns with trucks and there are possibilities for growth.

During World War II there was a big change in Iran's Transportation. It was carrying tons of cargoes from Iran's southern ports, especially the ports of Khorramshahr and Bandar Imam Khomeini in Iran's or north of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan or the former Shahpur through Tabriz and Jolfa. Every day hundreds of trucks carrying cargos were delivered to final destination were all Iranian drivers. They could obtain driving license within 10 days and after the delivery the shipments to final destinations.

Before the Islamic Revolution, the Khorramshahr was the most active shipping point. Their works started early in the morning and shipments cleared at Customs. The owner of shipments moved the shipments to the garages of the city at Dizelabad Street and load the shipments into truck via acceptable certificates.

After the revolution, the situation was different at loading centers. These days owner of shipments referred to the loading terminals of origin and based on destination, type of goods, they find trucks and carry shipments.

international transportation history in Iran

Rahian Daryayeh Saadat (RDS) international services

RDS shipping company has been beginning its activities in 2012 and in a short time has grown rapidly.It could find a great position among shipping companies. The company is an international shipping company which acts in Iran. RDS provides the best service and the most competitive/workable prices in air transport, land and sea to countries such as UAE, India, China, Spain, Germany and Netherlands.

RDS is specialize in international shipping and transportation in Iran due to the cooperation with international organizations. RDS’s priority remains to meet the needs of customer requirements at delivery without any delay, providing better services to our customers as well,

Rahian Daryayeh Saadat international services

The most important services in the field of international transportation are as follows:

  • Delivery warehouse to warehouse.

RDS group can offer you packing, distribution and custom facilities for import / export cargo from our warehouse in Iran. Whether you need to store the goods for a few days or more, we can provide a secure and safety warehousing.

Our warehousing & distribution services:

  • Bonded and non-Bonded storage
  • Distribution
  • Packing
  • Palletizing
  • Labeling
  • Inspection
  • Custom Clearance

Delivery warehouse to warehouse

  • Advice and consulting to customers.

If you would like to get detailed information or need to more completed data about loading, distribution, transit time of your cargo and anything else, RDS Group Consultants are ready to advise and offer the best & most appropriated solutions to you.

RDS group will be happy to help you.

advice and consulting to customers

  • Providing services to client based on client budget.

One of the most important factors in the transportation business relationship is shipping cargo according to client’s budgets.

RDS Group can dedicate their time to negotiate with customers on a budget and we are confident to get your satisfaction eventually.

Providing services to client based on client budget

  • Track and trace shipments.

We make it possible for our clients to trace and follow their cargo in our website. RDS tracking system allows the clients to find the current position of their cargo and determine the estimated time arrival (ETA). It is only needed to enter BL No. or Container No in tracking system of our website.

track and trace shipments

  • Maritime transport with container.

It is important to note that the maritime transport is often presented as a low-risk pollution activity and it is one of the advantages of maritime transport.

Although choosing a maritime container can be difficult for clients sometimes, but RDS professional staffs assist you in making the right decision or help you to find a reasonable solution.

Maritime transport with container

  • Transporting from Iran to Turkey, neighbor countries and the Commonwealth.

Turkey is one of the Iran’s neighboring countries which a considerable amount of commodity interchanges is done between them every year.

RDS group has activity as an international transportation company in Iran and provide the best services (sea freight, air freight and land transport) from / to Iran to / from Turkey and most of the countries in the worlds with professional Staffs.

Transporting from Iran to Turkey

  • Loading and unloading containers for various bulk shipments.

Break bulk cargo is shipped on pallets or in barrels, drums, boxes or bags. RDS group as an international freight forwarder can be easily loaded the bulk of cargo using the equipment available at the port and unloaded wherever you want.

Loading and unloading containers for various bulk shipments


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