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The definition of freight forwarder

An agent or person presents shipping services for individuals or companies to take cargo from manufacture and deliver in final destination called forwarder or freight forwarder.

The freight forwarder company have to provide the plans to move the cargo from origin place to final destination whereas a carrier is an interface only for moving the goods and nothing else. Depending on the type and volume of cargo the carrier can use of ship – truck and airplane for shipment.

Packing – loading or unloading are not freight forwarder’s responsibilities. The shipper has to do all affairs, of course sometimes the carrier can help to shipper.  Also the shipper must provide a list of his/ her own characteristics goods like number, size and weight for transport.

forwarder in iran


The History of Forwarding in Iran

The history of forwarding in Iran returns after the Second World War as a professional. Also a boom of maritime transport and establishment of market exchanges forwarding services makes in Iran with creation of public warehouses in ports and major cities in Iran like Khorramshahr and Imam Khomeini port.

Forwarder in Iran was who has been monitoring or done affairs like loading and unloading of cargo in ports, customs facilities, receive and payment of funds in connection with sending shipments on behalf of the consignee. He was known the ways, routes and transportation in iran and to be familiar with warehousing and storage of cargo and he was attempted to all cargoes, was sent from source to destination for transport, movement in the best way and finally reaches to the receiver.

The History of Forwarding in Iran

Rahian Daryayeh Saadat (RDS) forwarder in Iran

RDS works as an international freight forwarder in Iran is able to import & export majority of cargo in/out bound worldwide as well as. BL issuance – invoice – custom clearance and etc. are responsibilities RDS freight forwarder team for shipping or transportation.

RDS, as a freight forwarder in Iran, prepares all required documents for shipping and we would surely be partner of your shipment from A to Z.

Reliability & competitive rate is RDS features which could be a source for updating customers. If you have abundant of bulk cargo, you can trust to RDS Co. as freight forwarder that is able to supply economical shipping for carrying your cargo.

Since Iran has a located in particular geographical region, freight forwarders in Iran are able to focus on all types of transportation to all countries especially Iranian neighboring.

A freight forwarder in Iran can prepares the exporter with all the essential and needful documentation as well as correspond with the forwarder in Iran required to get the items to the customer.

RDS Co. is one of the best freight forwarders in Iran which can provide convenient forwarding from / to Iran from / to all countries in the world.

international freight forwarder in iran


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