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RDS (RAHIAN DARYAYE SAADAT) shipping company

shipping company in iranIt can be said that shipping companies are currently one of the most profitable & efficient trades in the market if the customers trust them and assign their own shipments confidently. These days, connection between the ports happen simply via shipping companies for transport of any kinds of cargo around the world.

Competitive & lower price – higher security – convenient of transport and delivery on time are minimum benefits which the shipping company can offer to their own customers.

Even though RDS shipping company has started 2012 but has grown rapidly and found the appropriated situation among Iranian shipping companies in short time.

RDS (RAHIAN DARYAYE SAADAT) works as an international shipping company in Iran to provides the best services along with competitive rates for countries including India – Dubai - china - Spain - German and Netherlands at air shipment, land haulage, sea shipment for their own clients.

RDS professional & competent team is able to resolve their own client’s needs due to cooperation with international agencies & shipping companies. It means that delivery on time and desirable custom service has more priority for them.

We are aware as an international shipping company that our customers must have a peace of mind when they assign their cargo to us for shipping or forwarding. You may need to call the shipping company for carrying your cargo and they response to your requests depending on the kinds of your needs. Experts & specialists of RDS shipping company are ready for advice and guidance to their own clients.

You can find the shipping company or freight forwarder like RDS to help you for carrying your cargo considering to your budget and needs.

Maritime History

One of the greatest and oldest today’s industrial world which is international more than any industrial called shipping. Shipping makes discovering the world, linking between continents, creating economical relation and shrinking globe.

Todays about 90% of trading world is caring by shipping company.

The volume of cargo which transported by sea amounted to 11.7 billion tons in 2005 and its annual growth was calculated 3.8% in the same year.

The number of commercial world’s vessels with gross capacity were more than 100 over 94 936 Freud in 2007. These vessels have been recorded in more than 150 countries with an average of 22 years and have employed about one million sailors.

Iran's strategic position of shipping

Iran has a strategic position in the Middle East and has accessed to international waters through Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

One of the most international strategic and important traffic world straight is Hormuz. It is a curved shaped belt which separate Iran Plateau from the Arabian Peninsula and join the Persian Gulf to the

Oman Sea and Indian Ocean.

Bu the way, Iran is connected to the Caspian Sea from North and is able to sea transport with surrounding countries.

The strategic position of Iran shipping

Iran shipping in Persian Gulf & Oman Sea

Persian Gulf is a waterway which has located along the Oman Sea and between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula and includes 237, 473 square kilometers. It is a third biggest world Gulf after Mexico Gulf & Hudson Bay.

Persian Gulf is connected to the India Ocean &Arab Sea through Hormuz straight & Oman Sea from East and Shatt Al-Arab River, which is joined to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers & Karun from West.

 Iran shipping in Persian Gulf & Oman Sea

Most famous and important Iranian ports in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea are:

  1. Khorramshahr Port:

Khorramshahr has an appropriated trading infrastructure for commodity exchanges is at the end of Southwestern Khuzestan plain.

This port called as a main way and appropriated terminal in trading exchanges between Iran, Iraq and Kuwait due to it placed beside Arvand River.

One of the container port in the Persian Gulf is Khorramshahr. Because it is neighborhood with Iraq has considered as a strategic area for business & politic which make a good opportunity for investment with located in Arvand free zone and near Khuzestan Steel Industries and Abadan refinery.

All infrastructure of Khorramshahr port has been completed at present and it has a better situation comparing with pre-war.

The development of the terminal and construction of a standard terminal on land with an area of 30 hectares is on agenda deposit of existing container’s facilities in Khorramshahr.

Khorramshahr Port

  1. Abadan Port:

Some of the advantages and features of the port:

  • Near to Iraq and Kuwait for trade and commerce exchanges
  • Near to Imam Khomeini port for transit or transshipment of goods
  • There are Passenger terminals and the site Kuwait to Abadan and vice versa
  • It is neighborhood with refineries and facilitate exports
  • Fuel dock
  • Having tax-exempt of 20% for trading profit
  • Flexibility in all types of vessels from 20 to 5000 tons
  • Placed in the free trade zone, industrial Arvand River
  • Having access to considerable sources of fresh water (Arvand rivers and Bahmanshir)
  • Tourist attractions
  • Nearest South port to the center of the country especially the western provinces
  • Having Ahvaz-Abadan highway
  • There are numerous streams to create an internal anchorage and mooring float
  • Using fresh water to prevent corrosion of steel vessels


  1. Imam Khomeini Port:

Special economic zone of Imam Khomeini is located in the northwest of the Persian Gulf and at the end of the Musa creek waterway with 11044 hectares of area. This waterway provides relaxed and confident sea way for traffic types of ocean-going vessels and oil tankers from Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean around the world with an average depth of 20 meters, 250 meters width and 42 miles length. The port has become one of the most important commercial centers of Iran and the region regarding to its unique advantages like closely to 70% of important major industrial and population centers, neighboring to Bandar Imam Petrochemical Economic Zone, closely to Arvand free trading zone, placed on north – south of international transport corridor, west – east of international transport corridor, placed on shortest and safest overland transport from Iraq, Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia to South East Asia.

Imam Khomeini Port

  1. Bushehr port :

Bushehr has many large & small ports which is most important and biggest of them in the shipping with an area of about 23 thousand and 167 kmm and 937 km coastline with the Persian Gulf. It is able to receive 8 million tons of goods and services, such as bulk, container, general, fuel, maintenance and processing of the product, refrigerated goods and passengers.

Negin port complex is a part of Bushehr Economic Zone with an area of 70 hectares with (expandable to 443 hectares). Now Bushehr has order to preparing the mention complex infrastructure to create a specific container and oil terminals. Water depth in external anchorage of this port is 15 meters which join to the internal anchorage through external channel with a length of 9200 meter and from internal anchorage through internal channel join to the Sultani Khor and dock port of Bushehr and from there to Powder Khor with 140 meters width, 10.3 m depth and 3900 m length.

Bushehr port

  1. Rajaee Port:

Rajaee economic zone is located on 23 km west of Bandar Abbas in the north of Qeshm and Hormuz Strait and it roughly has a half of Iran's trading with Maritime Affairs and cargo exchange with 80 famous international port.

Economic Zone placed in the south to the north of transit corridor that it is most important corridor in the world. It join Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through Iran to the Caspian Sea and then through Russia to St. Petersburg and North of Europe.

Access to the high world seas trough Persian Gulf, join to the international railway and the Silk Road, having modern equipment and facilities, closely to Kish and Qeshm free zones and ports of the Persian Gulf port are unique geographical locations which has made it to strategic & unique base.

Having the lands supporting for transfer to investors in order to do activities, industrial, oil and service in the form of BOT, rent for short term, medium term and long term are the potential and unique capacities of this region.

Rajaee Port

  1. Bahonar port:

Bahonar is one of the old multi-modal province and active Iran's ports. It is the third largest export country's port where has special situation in the export of non-oil commodities and transportation and domestic and international passenger transport.

Unique geographical location for access to the open world seas through the Persian Gulf, access to the international connection, closely to Qeshm free areas and pleasure Islands and commercial ports on the Persian Gulf, are features which has made it to the strategic and unique base after Rajaee Port.

The special feature of this port is having 10, 2 meters pond completed reflow after the Imam Khomeini and Rajaee port between ports in the country.

It was the main port of BND not so long ago and every day is hosted the large numbers of tourists and travelers and considerable volume of BND trading depends on the activity of the port and it has a significant role in the region as considering to is located in range of BND.


  1. Lengeh Port:

Lengeh port has a great economic potential as an abundant mines, closely transport distance to the United Arabic Emirates and etc. in order to attract foreign and domestic investments and also creating jobs for young people and improve the economic city situation has make unavoidable to development of Bandar Lengeh.

Lengeh port has been acted as a cargo and passengers transit station not so long ago due to the special geographical position.

It was the best logistic terminal for Abu Musa Island, Greater and small Tunb and Farsi Island and is a minimum distance with different emirates of the United Arabic Emirates as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and while it has a long significant history of the passengers and goods transportation from the port to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Futurism in development port has led the management to be considered to accept larger vessels in the development plan, so that the implementation of the eastern prolongation and increasing the area of the pond to make allowed traffic to 7 to 10 tons float in the closely future which capacity and loading of the port will increase significantly.

Lengeh Port


Chabahar, in the northern part of the Oman Sea, can be makes a special role because of its strategic benefit position for transshipment and transit of the goods in Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and middle Asia ports.

The strategic position of the port and its location at the center of the east development has made the Ports and Maritime Organization puts on the agenda the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for its development in the form of medium-term program.

 It can be noted some of these programs as construction of two container berths with 640 m length and 16 meters waterline and 3 multipurpose berths with 580 length to a depth of 14 meters and 17 million cubic meters dredging to16 m depth and recovering of 195 lands.

The port is capable of a variety of goods including public services, container, bulk, petroleum products, and general cargo barges, floating water and storage and processing of goods.

chabahar port

Iran Shipping in the Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea is limited to Russia from north, to Iran from south, to Azerbaijan from west and to the republics of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan from East.

Iran Shipping in the Caspian Sea

The most famous Iranian ports of the Caspian Sea are as follows:

  1. Anzali Port

Anzali is one the coastal cities in Gilan province. Bandar is located in bordering the Caspian Sea as a first and largest North of Iran port.

  1. The largest ports of the Caspian Sea and equipped with modern facilities for loading and unloading
  2. having third rank between Iranian ports after BND and  Rajaee port
  3. Relationship with regional and access markets
  4. located in the free zone and provide facilities and special features for owners cargo, traders and investors
  5. Closely to the largest oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea
  6. Tax-exempt

Anzali Port

  1. Noshahr Port

It is one of the most important economic and commercial Iran which is located on Caspian Sea coast. The port is the closest port to the Tehran that has the airlines equipped.

The significant importance of the port is closely port to capital of Iran (Tehran) to all ports by road and air lines to the center of the country and other areas particularly in the West of Gilan and Golestan province in East.

  1. Karaj Steel machinery was the first consignment which has been discharged at the port.
  2. Having suitable climatic conditions in transit and export goods to Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  3. It has dedicated roofed warehouse and yard to export and transit of goods
  4. Having the bulk liquid storage tanks and connection to oil tanks Branch through  pipeline
  5. Capacity for warehousing and movement of commercial, oil, dry bulk and liquid bulk non-oil goods

Noshahr Port

  1. Turcoman Port

It is at the westernmost of Golestan province and on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It is one of the oldest ports of the Caspian Sea.

Turcoman Port

  1. Amirabad Port

It is one of the biggest ports in the southern cost of Caspian Sea which is developing in northern of Iran and it has an important role in multi-modal transportation lines and North – South corridor.

Amirabad is only northern port in Iran which connected to railway and has a potential and actual coast. It has been connected to Rajaee port and IKP in the south of the country through national railway network.

Amirabad port

  1. Gaz Port

It is located in the west of Golestan Province and 42 km of Gorgan on the shores of the Caspian Sea.



  1. Fereydun Kenar Port

Fereydun Kenar not only is acted as a supporter with other ports, it has also an appropriated area for development of warehousing.



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